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Mr. S.P. Saju Bhaskar

Founder and President

Mr. S.P. Saju Bhaskar is the Founder and President of Texila American University Consortium located in Hong Kong.

Mr. Saju serves as the Chief Executive Officer and in accordance with University mission fixes the strategic frame and assesses the progress towards stated goals. He has administrative oversight of academic matters and also oversees campus operations and functions

The phenomenal leadership, insight into state-of-the-art technology and adroit management of the President have strengthened the University's culture of innovation and expanded its verticals to reach globally. The endeavours of the President have brought Texila American University Consortium from the concept mode to reality.

The President governs the development, planning, target setting, auditing and reviewing processes of the entire congregation. He strives to ensure that robust ethics and culture line-up along with an impressive development and implementation of the in-house systems to keep a track on all the processes. The President has expanded his organization greatly which includes: Texila American University Guyana (TAU G), Texila American University Zambia (TAU Z), Texila American University Fujairah, Texila eLearning (TEL), Global Scholarship Trust (GST), Texila International Journal and Texila e-Conference to his credit.

At present, Texila Consortium has its International Offices in USA, India, Guyana, Hong Kong, UAE, Philippines & Zambia.

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Mrs. Chithra Lakshmi

Executive Vice President

Mrs. Chithra Lakshmi is the Executive Vice President of the Texila American University Group.

Mrs. Chithra Lakshmi as the Executive Vice President progresses to enhance the delivery of University operations and campus services. She has been instrumental in Texila's growth from its concept to reality by leading the organization-wide initiatives to strengthen the program impact and growth of the organization.

The Executive Vice President is responsible for equipping overall leadership for University administrative services, has direct oversight operations and her administrative planning team. The Executive Vice President launches strategies to propagate firm relationships between academic and administrative areas, ensuring strong and sustainable resources to finance academic excellence. She focuses on achieving Organizational Excellence across academic and administrative areas, migrating to a new internal budget model that fosters entrepreneurial and collaborative actions in all divisions, and implementing a long-term financial plan for academic supremacy to provide the bedrock for implementing the University's strategic plan.

Mrs. Chithra oversees the Global Accounting and Finance Operations of TAU operations located in Guyana, India, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, USA and UAE. She emphasises on ensuring cohesive financial strategic and operating plans as well as lead allocation of resources, ROI strategies, content profitability, financial forecasting, analysis and performance measurement.

As the Executive Vice-President of Texila American University Group, Mrs. Chithra Lakshmi facilitates smooth and flawless functioning of day to day activities and ensures to maintain high satisfaction levels among students and employees by focusing and pressing the need of their welfare.

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