Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics optimizes learning environment by focusing on how learners’ performance and instructional quality of faculty members stands as pathway to achieve learner success. Texila Edutech’s Learning Analytics Services ensure eLearning efficiency by discovering insight into learners’ behavior and applying best practices to refine learning techniques. Our Learning analytics tools enable learners from varied backgrounds to achieve their complete academic potential. Our Learning analysis report data will enable individual learners to monitor and benchmark their own performance and to enhance information provision to academic and professional instructors to aid students in their academic pathway. We assure to contribute to the delivery of the Education strategy by understanding learners and optimizing effective learning process through our analytic tools.

We understand learners and Optimize effective learning process.

Levels of Analytics:
Measurement = Collection = Analysis = Reporting of data

  • The Rapid Online Research Technology.
  • Learning Management System analysis.
  • Learner Information System analysis.
  • Frame of Adaptive learning platform.
  • Learners own their learning path.
  • Instructors retain more time to guide Learners.

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