Gamified Learning

Texila Edutech endeavors fun Gamification concepts and techniques in eLearning that helps in delivery of learning goals by engaging learners. Our Gamified learning products promote substantial improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction and brand awareness. Our Texila Edutech generate game elements, which once incorporated in E-Learning courses help learners to acquire knowledge and skills at better retention rates. Our Team is savvy in formulating effective strategies to design instructionally sound gamified courses based on the content and level of learners. Our Gamified learning products motivate learners to be focused throughout the learning phase and provide accelerated feedback to make learners engaged and better knowledge retention.


Here is a quick look on the significant eLearning solutions of TexilaEdutech’s Gamification products.

  • Advances knowledge retention.
  • Lucrative motivation strategy
  • Boosts learners’ engagement.
  • Impels learners’ behavioral change.
  • Powerful learner performance tracker.
  • Instant worthwhile feedback.
  • Meets diverse learning fields.

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