Flipped Classroom

In Flipping classroom methodology, learners acquire sensible portion of content outside the classroom environment, and then learn together in class on application-oriented activities. The Flipped classroom, a new approach to teaching fosters learner engagement and enhances their critical thinking skills. Texila Edutech’s Flipped Classroom Services leverage a valuable classroom time by creating a win-win situation of how eLearning and face-to-face learning can complement each other. Our Flipped model being the cognitive coach is driven by educational technology with self-paced review of concepts, improving students’ mastery through active learning mode and generating learning success.

Here is a quick look at the features of Flipped classroom approach offered by Texila Edutech.

  • Form of Blended Learning.
  • Internet-based tool to flip classroom model.
  • Transformation of lecture-type into Interactive Learning mode.
  • Fosters better Instructor-Learner Interaction.
  • Higher Levels of Motivation.

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