Competency Development

The competency-based learning has become rampant in recent years due to its resilience, affordability and capability within advanced Learning Management Systems. The Texila Edutech’s Competency-Based eLearning Solutions serve as powerful tool for learners and employees to master in their task or process at hand. The focus of competency-based learning on individual master skills results in higher job performance. Our competency-based learning mode provides the splendid brew of personalized learning, rapid course and learning program completion time limit. Our process enables the learners to get engaged and demonstrate their competency in the work context.


Here is a quick look on salient features of TexilaEdutech’s competency-based learning process.

  • Self – driven learning path.
  • Fix to strategic focus.
  • Credit to prior knowledge.
  • Engage in new skills.
  • Mastery of content.
  • Quick-track courseware.
  • Cost-effective credential.
  • Real-time practical skills.

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